Outdoor advertising f-design.

Advertising agency f-design –the company, which manufactures an outdoor advertising in Kharkov and whole Ukraine. The range of our products are: light box , 3d letters, banner, sticker application, and many different variation of outdoor advertising. F-design manufactures outdoor media more then 15 years and has sufficient experience in manufactures and exploitation of outdoor advertising and to complete the order in almost any complexity outdoor advertising.

We use the experience gained during the work advertising agency f-design has our base developments in the field of advertising materials in outdoor media and various combinations of technologies for the presentation of any brand on the territory of Kharkov and whole Ukraine and dignified manner, and with the appropriate world-class quality production.

On the site of advertising agency f-design there is a section dedicated to the presentation of our signage on the video in terms of quality of work done is the section completed projects, also presented a section with production technology outdoor advertising named advertising technology — In this section there is a brief description of the specific production technology and link to the video with more video shooting as part of manufacturing of outdoor media. The Link go home takes the reader to the full version of the Russian-language site on which there is a blog section with questions and answers technology advertising agency and present feedback section с advertising agency f-design and the author of most videos of the site.

On the Russian version of the site, there are other videos that have not been translated yet into English. advertising agency f- design takes constructive suggestions for improving the operation of our site and paying attention to other moments of outdoor media production and grateful to all my viewers and readers for their participants attention to our project and in particular to our company and our business in general.

As our forces and new projects we will be uploaded to a public viewing and for all to see our recent projects and our old and new technologies in order to help our customers understand all the intricacies of production outdoor media. Also we want to help to beginners, especially those who are willing to learn the basics and learn all the details of such an interesting and unusual industries as outdoor advertising.

I want to note our emphasis in covering how to make 3d letters or making three dimensional letters, 3d letters, text lighting since it is the most beautiful and the most effective element of outdoor advertising, and the proliferation of LEDs technology and accessible enough for finance and certainly our favorite outdoor advertising.